Some small changes to chat and voting today



  • I like to know why the server lags and if I feel like staying. Now people will really complain about the hit detection because they won't know that the other guy has a 200ms difference in latency. Why don't you guys work on fixing the broken mute buttons first?
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    The mute issue is one of the bugs we are fixing. Actually I think it's already fixed internally!
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    Good night Official servers, nice knowing you.
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    Not a fan of the ping idea.
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    Whiplash27 wrote: »
    Not a fan of the ping idea.

    since kick is leaving its almost better the ping isnt there.. cause then you know you wanna kick the 400+ pinger but cant.. thats worse then not knowing his ping I think.. but in the end this benefits no one, just calls for crappy game play

    now I gotta figure out how to get the server going on the opt in..
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    Are these changes affect only official servers? I'm confused.
    If they apply to all servers:
    Can admins see the pings? It was a nightmare in AA3 when only the superadmin/server owner could see them. One guys joins with 300+ ping, fun is ruined for the other 25 guys. If I'm completely honest, this ping-thing is a horrible idea. At least make it optional for server owner to turn on/off ping hiding.
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    "These changes effect Official servers only."

    import random
    def bam():
    quotes = ["Yet still need the training HUD?","Need a quick PRO setting under HUD ","Now to make Min HUD the default","All that skill and still can't design a PRO HUD in settings?","Min HUD for all....!!!!","One thing I've noticed is dem@n at 63 honor still uses the training HUD"]
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    SSKnecabo wrote: »
    "These changes effect Official servers only."

    Sorry, I only was this thing next to the vote changes, not next to ping changes. Looks like it slipper through my attention.
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    I don't understand. Global voice and Global text chat disabled-meaning you can't talk to the enemy team at all?
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    IKR.. How can you let them know they getting a good baggin' now?

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    This has sense now. Thanks.
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    We stepped back and took a look at the most common complaints we get daily.

    Abuse / harassment from players on voip was way too common.
    Abusing the vote kick system was also way too common.

    Item by item we are breaking things down internally and looking for the best fix for each thing.
    The Official servers should be a safe, friendly place to play.
    There should be no insults, vulgarity, etc on them.

    Some examples of steps we are taking internally right now:

    Improved ROE system that will auto-ban griefers
    Removal of visible ping to stop that constant harassment (you will see your own, not anyone else's)
    Improved Admin response times and an improved reporting system

    I could go on, but this at least explains the basic idea.
    Expect us to keep trying little things like this up until launch.

    Please keep in mind this is for the Official servers ONLY, you private server guys will still have all the options you always have.

    Better later than never. Officials will never be that much of a safe and friendly place, tho. We still got plenty of people abusing every kind of thing in order to get an advantage. Private serveradmins will ban those who are blatant but STILL not detected, you won't! Cheers.

    P.s. and in case you wonder...oh well, i can't make names. Ill better stay silent ^^
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    You might as well disable bullets then because a lot of us are complaining about getting killed.

    Something bad must be going on that we are not privy to.
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    Still not sure why you hide the ping. why not limit pings to 150 in official servers? the sooner you realize that ping affects game play the better. seems like there is a lot of 200 pings playing in na servers and killing them cause of the hit detection. you can say cshd but my client cant hit something it doesn't know is there yet can it?
  • The biggest problem I notice is that their bullets hit you all at once. Why not just put a couple of servers in Brasil like the French ones. Here's to hoping that officials will just become insignificant.

    I just don't get some of these higher ups decisions. They have the rank, but don't know how to manage and surely aren't gamers.
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    So ping labels are disabled too?
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    We are hiding the ping for a few reasons.
    We are not limiting the ping on the Official servers, despite that some players take it into their own hands to kick pings they deem "unworthy".
    The vast majority of the time ping is discussed in server it's one person yelling at another person for their number.

    Private server admins will still be able to have their own ping rules and check the pings of their players.
    Again, this is just on the Officials.

    Look at it this way. The Official servers are Army run places for people to play.
    We want a game that anyone can play without being harassed or abused, and that parents can play with their kids.

    The Official servers should be as close to a safe place for this to happen as possible, and that's just not the case right now.

    We will continue to look at more options with all of this, but understand that our end goal here is for the Official servers to be just good clean places to play.
    I just don't get some of these higher ups decisions. They have the rank, but don't know how to manage and surely aren't gamers.

    This isn't from some high up out of touch person, this is from the core team. Sadly there is just a lot of toxic behavior on the servers, and that isn't what we want in our game.
    These decisions are being made to combat toxicity, and honestly are decisions plenty of other FPS games have made for the same reasons.
  • I have played all versions of this game for nearly 10 years with probably 5000 hrs. The vast majority of players are super cool and enjoy playing and talking together, regardless of team, age, or nationality. Yes there are [TOS Violation], but it is a very small percentage of the total players. That's why parental controls, hide chat, ROE, and mute buttons were implemented. Cutting both text and VOIP between teams cuts a major social aspect of the game. Long time players get to know each other, form clans, say nice shot, ggs hf, etc. that way.

    Furthermore, I don't know anyone that enjoys playing with high pingers in any game, any title. I also don't know anyone that enjoys playing with a high ping. Those players play that way because the have no other option. Why not just enable a couple SA and Asian servers?

    It's these decisions plus the whole beta within beta thing plus closed beta that makes me think that whoever is calling the shots doesn't really know what people want or is able to produce something that people want.
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    Can the settings that were made on the official servers be applied to a private server as well?
  • PlainYogurtPlainYogurt Posts: 550Player, Administrator, Army Veteran, Developer
    Yes, you will be able to have these options on or off.
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