Will the devs NEVEr fix the "ran out of video memory" -bug ????



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    There is a possibility that its related to the AMD GPU's, we all know the famous flash freezes. I've had it one time on my old GPU which was the R7 370, but never had it on my NVIDIA GPU's. And you can forget asking support at AMD, tried 3 times and all 3 times they just completely ignored me.
    GTX1080 is suffering from this(not flash freeze)

    That's interesting, have you tested it on Win7 vs Win10 to see the difference in performance?. I'm running the 1050 Ti at the moment which has 4GB dedicated memory, but with the shared memory it puts it on 20GB.

    Running this system with out issues right now;

    CPU: Ryzen 5 1500X QC
    RAM: 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX
    GPU: GTX 1050 Ti

    And that's with the RAM Chipset that has massive issues with Ryzen 5 CPU's, which I fixed by changing voltage and timings running it on a lower DRAM Frequency. This setup have yet to give me the memory error, even the game editor hasn't crashed or given me errors yet which I'm really surprised about.
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    I had the issue with intel and also with AMD. As others mentioned above, it is obviously an issue that is getting worse. It's completely understandable that it's an old game and they don't want to spend time fixing issues on an old game, but this problem has been around for years according to the forum posts.
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    Tal256 wrote: »
    I had the issue with intel and also with AMD. As others mentioned above, it is obviously an issue that is getting worse. It's completely understandable that it's an old game and they don't want to spend time fixing issues on an old game, but this problem has been around for years according to the forum posts.

    Not years, the OP has a bad temper which makes him exaggerate here and there. Regardless of that, it's not that the devs don't want to fix the issue. It's most likely that they have been told not to waste anymore resources on AAPG. Plus, nothing they really can do anyway. This is part of a bug in windows 10, if you want to play this game with out issues you will need to have to switch back to windows 7 or try to fix it for 10. Works for me, so its possible.
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    I'm using amd cpu with nvidia rtx2070super and I have the same issue from time to time, same as my friends. I dont think this is an amd issue as some of my friend running this game with intel cpu.
    In my opinion it's our lovely Win updates causes a problems
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    This happens across all different systems amd and nvidea . See my above post for temp fix . Win update reverts the fix.
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    I had this issue as well and it was quite persistent for a couple of months. After unsuccessfully trying to solve the issue myself, I reached out to the devs, and they told me to empty the folder in "My Documents\My Games\America's Army Proving Grounds\AAGame\Config" and then to verify all my files by right-clicking the game in steam and verifying the files through the properties menu. I've only been playing for a bit after this fix and haven't encountered any problems, it may be worth a try if you are facing the same issue as well!
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    Note to V_NillaJ : You patched my Steam account to my proper online name (November2Remember), but forum still uses the dummy one I created to get around it (July2020).

    Regarding the "ran out of video memory": I played AA for 100 hours and have never seen this problem. Yesterday I overclocked the memory through the Bios (1.3 Mhz to 2.4 Mhz and my FPS almost doubled on some maps and spots ranging from 90 to 170; also led team kills twice in 2 of the matches lol). After being on for about 8 hours (on and off usage), the error popped up after I had to exit the hung game (not 100 % sure on that sequence).

    One other thing that I was doing towards the end of that 8 hours that was unique, was entering and exiting 3 servers quickly in about a minute or two, and looking for a new map change or open spot.

    I was trying to avoid a couple of maps that I really get killed at.
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    Just to add PC has 24 GB Ram
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    Why do some games crash with an OC?

    O.o :(


    "i just wanted to come here and see the answers... but yeah, people got it right straight away this time.

    WAY too many people think an overclock is stable when its nothing of the sort. As an example that got me a few years ago, some games heated up my system more than others and my northbridge and CPU VRM's were linked together with a heatpipe. eventually the system would crash after about 4+ hours of gaming in certain titles, which was really hard to track down.

    That heatpipe was hitting 90C and cooking one of my ram modules which was right next to it, causing corruption. Memtest didn't show anything because memtest didn't heat up the VRM's, meaning the ram was cooler and stable.
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    I have been receiving this a lot lately which forced me to do some digging. I am running Windows 10 1903.

    -Trying to just close steam and re-enter the game the bug doesn't go away.
    - Restarting my computer seems to allow me to play for a couple days before the out of memory bug resurfaces.
    - After updating my GTX 1070 drivers by doing a clean install. This seem to fix it for about a week before the error returned
    - This last bandaid I am about to mention allows me to re-enter the game with no errors and without restarting my PC. This could be a complete coincidence but I will share any how.

    On that image I highlighted your Cached memory on Windows 10. From what I read about it, In older Windows editions this use to clear when you restarted your computer. In Windows 10 it remains. If you lookup clear standby list in windows 10 you will find a tool out there a small .exe that when run as an Admin it will clear this for you. After that I am able to play without any memory errors. Which leads me to believe this is a Windows error not anything to do with you graphics card.

    The only conflicting information is why does restarting the computer seem to fix it for a small amount of time. Clearing that cache has fixed it for going on 3 weeks for me now.
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