Empty Map/Server issue (The server is lying to me)

Rin-GordyRin-Gordy Posts: 1Player
Hi, i tried looking around for this problem but couldn't seem to find anything like it, if my problem sounds familiar please direct me to a helpful post, thanks!

So the problem is that when i'm on the server list, it shows a player count (example, 12/24, 3/12, etc.) however when i get onto the map, it puts me in spectator mode, shows both teams as being empty and nobody else seems to be able to join me (i have waited for upwards of an hour just to see what would happen) i have tried restarting my computer, checking for errors, as well as checking my firewall, and internet connection and I'm just stumped.

I'm going to try un/reinstalling the game to see how that works, ill update after that finishes.


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