Is automated moderation part of gaming's future?

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If players are reported for trolling in a game, a machine learning algorithm analyzes the logs and can temp- or perma-ban the problem player within 15 minutes. The error rate in testing was below 1 in 6000 (I'm assuming that's the false positive rate, but impressive if it's more broad).

Riot's also said they want the system to extend beyond just chat logs in the future, though I suspect the machine learning classification system for that one's going to be harder to pull off.

Machine learning 101:
Take 1000 game logs. Tell the computer "these 500 are bad, those 500 are good. Teach yourself the difference." The computer designs its own system to tell them apart, the details there aren't important. Give the program 1000 new logs where humans have decided which are good and which are bad and see how well the computer does at telling them apart. If it does poorly, change some settings on the learning code and try again.

A 15-minute turnaround time in a game with 67 million users a month is impressively fast. Other crowd-sourced moderation options depend on human review and some of them have the potential to be gamed (think of a clan vote-kicking in AA or players mass-reporting somebody to an automated system). Training a computer to do the review instead could save a lot of human time and effort.

AAPG isn't really in a place where this would be helpful yet, but people may like reading about it anyway.


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    The solution is automated PLAYERS!

    I'm old enough to remember back to when there were real humans on the planet. Interacting with all this auto-generated forum content feels kinda weird.

    Sometimes I wonder if I knew the human who originally programmed the machine that programmed the machine that programmed the BCPull-robot......


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    It's just normal things are going this way.. trolling has been one of the top gaming issues since forever. League of Legends is the worst... most of the people I know that play this game are like "The game is great, the players not so much...".
    Oh well.
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