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Threw together a rather silly map that puts in some functionality for "spicing up" normal play.

Rounds cycle between "Rifle", "Alternate", and "Sniper" -- M4 or M16, M9 or M249 or M870, M14 or M24 -- in the spirit of the "forcelass" servers of yore.

Each round has a 1/16 chance of running at 75% game speed, 1/8 chance of 125% game speed, and 13/16 chance of 100% game speed.

If one team wins two rounds in a row (probably should make this three...), they're hit with a minor health penalty at the start of the next round.

Map design itself is at best "Spartan" and at worst "a lazy pile of junk strewn about semi-randomly".

This is aimed more at a fun change of pace from the usual and putting out some Kismet that could be of interest to others with minimal file size and load times to keep things simple.

Expect loadout bugs and (possibly?) crashes if you try to bandage yourself -- this is tagged "alpha" for a reason. The Kismet loadout changes screw with things a bit.

Album of Kismet layout here:,GArbwUw,ip0GjQR#0


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    Cool, I've been waiting for someone to go crazy with kismet, its awesome because it makes what would normally be impossible, very much possible.. I experiment with things from time to time but things have never worked out too well for me when it comes to trying them out :lol:

    Your gonna be getting the mapping bug BC :mrgreen:
    If my trollery drives you crazy, you'd better put on your seatbelt.

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    Updated to include damage reports. They're rudimentary, but they'll show damage dealt, who dealt it, and who took it. For now, everybody's "Player 0" / "Player 1" / etc. Accuracy not guaranteed. (The shotgun, for example, definitely doesn't report correctly since multiple pellets hitting only triggers one report. In general, damage happening within one game tick only produces one report.)
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