Mapping ram and ssd

vapor.ivapor.i Posts: 272Player
If I take my 8 gb setup now and go 16gb of ram and place my Steam on my SSD will that speed up my builds or will i barely see a difference? Does lighting builds use my c drive or can i change it to the ssd?
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  • StackEmUp!StackEmUp! Posts: 145Player
    Well I know for sure going up to 16GB, will definitely help when loading a large amount of assets:)
    The biggest gain in lighting build times for me was going from an AMD, to an Intel I5 processor, which if I remember correctly your good to go, in the CPU department:)

    I'm sure a Dev will chime in, with a definitive answer shortly.
  • -=312th=-BOXER-=312th=-BOXER Posts: 19Player
    You definitely need a lot of ram to build maps! Especially when it comes to the effects,processes and terrain editing. I have 8 gigs and it locks up all the time during terrain build.
  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,607Beta Tester
    CPU speed makes a proportional difference in build times. RAM makes a difference in not having to swap pages in and out of the virtual memory Swap File. I'm dying to get a server farm running to help share the map build, but still haven't figured out how!!!

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  • vapor.ivapor.i Posts: 272Player

    The addition of another 8 gb of ram was ok but the major difference was placing my Steam on my SSD. Everything flies now. Fully loading content browser took 2.5 minutes before and now only takes 15 seconds lol.
    Building light (production) still takes 2 hours though.....can't find a good workaround for this yet.
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