Breakable Glass

Trying to find old tutorial on breakable glass.
Can anyone tell me where or how to make it so you can shoot out the glass?


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    The easiest way to get breakable glass into your map is to copy a piece from an official map and paste it into your own. I'm not sure where it resides within the content browser.. but this way is pretty quick in any case.

    Here's what I do if I want something in my own map that I have seen in an official map, first open the map you want to take something from, find the asset that you want (such as a breakable pane of glass) highlight it with your mouse so it goes blue, press Ctrl+C

    Now you have a couple options..

    - 1 - You can open notepad and either press Ctrl+V (or edit = paste) which will slam a load of text into the notepad file. Now you can continue to find assets or anything else you want to use in your own map by doing the same method of copying and pasting into the notepad file (might want to make some line breaks so the text is separated, perhaps even name them before you paste) then after you open your map, copy each of the chunks of text from the notepad file and paste them into your map.

    - 2 - Or even easier (if you only need the one thing) is to copy the asset (Ctrl+C when highlighted), then just simply go ahead and open your map and hit Ctrl+V and boof it will be in your map now :) you can then move around and manipulate the asset as you would normally.

    Hope this helps.
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    when is the last time you tried this?
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    If you can't select the glass, go intio wireframe mode.
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    Middle of the toolbar select "Allow Translucency selection" then you can select anything.

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